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River Genius
Musings of the OTR Girl
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29th-Oct-2005 02:57 pm - It's ready.
River Genius
This has been an interesting couple of months. First, there was Hurricane Katrina, then something happened to me knee.

Before Katrina struck, I was already planning to temporarily close the station while I try to replace some of my shows that were on bad cds. I was hoping to return quickly, but there were delays.

I received very little hurricane damage, fortunately. The bad side was that cleaning up took away some of my finances. Once I shut down, I was already wanting to return the station to online status.

Then at the end of september, I somehow messed up my knee. The doctors were unable to find any damage, but I still spent the next few days on crutches and a brace to keep my leg straight. That was no fun. And I was still limping for a couple of weeks after. Things seem to have returned to normal now, although climbing and descending stairs still feels a bit weird.

And now the station is back online. I'm currently running the playlist that ran when I shut down. Over the next few days, I will replace the shows with a fresh batch. I hope to return to weekly updates soon.

The long-term focus on the station will be a variety of genres. For the short term, most of the shows will focus on drama, crime, and horror. There will be a little bit of variety and music in the mix. I will slowly add new shows from a particular genre until I cover all genres.

I hope you enjoy the station. It feels wonderful to be back.

-The OTR Girl
28th-Oct-2005 04:30 pm - Almost Back to Life
River Genius
I plan to reactivate the station within the next couple of weeks. I'll post an update when it's ready.
30th-Jun-2005 01:24 pm - New Station Location
Katie Leung
I've moved the station to a new address. You can now listen at the following location:


For the moment, I'm running a smaller playlist. I also may not have a chance to update the playlist for a couple of weeks. After that, everything should return to normal.
19th-May-2005 09:26 am - First post
Scifi Wasabi
I decided to try this blog as an experiment and see what happens. I'm not accustomed to putting my thoughts on paper, or in this case, on screen. But I'll try.

One day I was bored and started exploring the stations listed in iTunes. When I got to the Spoken Word section, I found two stations that looked interesting, Mystery Play and Knotted Note Radio. Both were old time radio stations. All weekend I switched back and forth listening to those two stations. A few months later, Live365 required listeners to register to listen to stations hosted on their servers. I'm glad they did, otherwise I would have never visited their site and discovered many additional stations.

I later decided I wanted to start my own station. So I began collecting various programs. And a new station was born. It went through various incarnations as I experimented with it. I still experiment and tweak it. I enjoy shows in many genres, so it's not easy sticking with one format. Right now, I'm playing all genres. If that goes well, I'll stick with that.
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